Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Boxee vs AppleTV (G1)

So you all know I am I big apply fan boy, but thanks to my buddy Khemchandra Persadsingh , he give me his Boxee Box for a weekend, yes, last weekend and i can't give it back. No, really, i can't my kids where using it the same day. i didn't have to show them a thing and the iPhone remote worked the same. All the tv shows that i have in my FreeNAS looked so much better. Now i have a Hacked AppleTV that is running Boxee, and it does need restarting ever so often while i did not have to do a thing with the Boxee Box. The Apple TVs shows tv shows and movies from iTunes just as good, but 90% of my content is downloads, so it wins hands down. My only downs right now are the Load time for shows, it is twice as long as the AppleTV and using the remote at night, you can't see the keyboard and that is it.
Now i need to really compere this to the new AppleTV that i was sure that i was going to buy, until the Boxee Box get here.
Thinking about it now, i really need to compare a Boxee Box, Apple TV (G2) PlayStation 3 and Web enable TV. But for now, if you don't have a PlayStation 3 and in the market for a set top box, really think about getting a Boxee Box.
I will have to end this review short as i don't feel like i have all the facts to hand to you. So consisder this my preview.
Later ppl

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