Tuesday, 21 October 2014

still Killing the cable TV... Netflix and Hulu.

So i was at my homes +Sanjay Gayadeen house last night with +Jefferson Edwards who i help set up his UnBlock-US, talking the normal mac talk and i must say, i miss having mac ppl to talk too. That said, i must say "thank you" sanjay for reintroducing to Hulu...
As most of you all know, i am cord cutter and i have been using Netflix for 99% of my TV time.
Now two days ago Sanjay mentioned to me that he uses Netflix for Movies and Hulu for TV shows. In my mind i was like, "dude really, Hulu". but this is Sanjay, so i decided to give it a second look. I know that we more or less see the world with the same eyes.

On my first try, my account was sync with my iTunes account that now has 95 cents on it, so i had to make a new account and added my Credit Card to it. I have also been using UnBlock-US for well into 2 years now with Netflix, and i am very happy with it. In short, UnBlock-US hides your "location" so that online services think that you are surfing in the US. So after signing up for that new Hulu Account and opening the up on my AppleTV, the first thing i saw was "Gotham" take my MONEY. then i saw "Flash" and then when i saw "24"... That was it there... sold...

So those of you with a AppleTV.
(1)Sign Up on the web site first
(2)Next, if you don't have  IP blocker, just one, i use Unblock-US
(3)Jump on your AppleTV go to Hulu

(4)Then log using "already a Hulu Plus Subscriber? Log in"

Ok so i am going get ready for my next post... MacMini and the new iPadAir...
but first... Gotham.... wait kids are still up...

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